ToonTory Donation: Intro

B2B Missions would cordially like to thank each and every one of you for joining the ToonTory project. We are striving for evangelizing the cyber world where the secular culture is prevalent. B2B Missions will make sure to use every single dollar faithfully and wisely to realize the purpose of ToonTory. Please watch for the premiere of ToonTory in Novemember 2015.
Thank you very much once again for your support and prayer!
For those donors outside the US, the donation amount could be a little different due to the foreign exchange rate variations. Please enter the amount of donation you wish to make MONTHLY, and click the respective buttons below for the number of monthly donations.
All donors’ names will be on the ending credits of each episode.
For the inquiries of cooperation, sponsorship, support, etc. in regards to the contents of ToonTory, please email at kevinchang@b2bm.org.

How to Donate?!

  1. Please click a respective button below for the number of monthly donations you would like.
  2. Then, please enter the amount of donation you wish to make MONTHLY, and then click the “Continue” button!
  3. You will then be escorted to the card information page to complete the donation process.

For Donation via Check
Please make the check payable to “B2B Missions”,
and send to the address below:

Address: B2B Missions, 800 Roosevelt Ste. #305, Irvine, CA. 92620

For Paypal, please click the link below: